Natalia Velikovsky, PhD


A registered architect in Israel, Velikovsky Natalie has an MA in architecture from the Voronezh Technical University(1979), and a PhD from the Central Academy of Educational Buildings in Moscow(1990). She has 28 years of experience in urban planning and architectural design in Russia and in Israel. During last 15 years Natalie was working in several architectural firms, such as Tito Architects ltd., Irit &Dror.

In 2005 Natalie has founded Metropolisarc.

During last years Natalie designed several important projects such as:

  • Magic Sunrise Hotel in Eilot (on cooperation with Alexander Krupitsky in Tito Architects)
  • Town plan of the Revivim settlement
  • Town plan of Kibbutz Mazceret Batia
  • Planning of the Sgula industrial area
  • The renovation of a historical building in "German settlement" in Haifa and many others.